We are pleased to announce the release of the coming Manes single "Young Skeleton" on April 18!

The front cover depicts the sculpture "Laksefiskerens siste sommer II" created by renowned Norwegian artist Kjell Erik Killi Olsen, and the cover logo is also hand-drawn by him.

The single comes in three different 7" versions:
- Deluxe bundle (Ltd to 50, marbled vinyl, w/tshirt, totebag and fully signed artcard)
- Record Store Day version (ltd 100, transparent vinyl)
- Ltd 7" (ltd 150, white and marbled vinyl)

Pre-orders opens Friday the 13th!


In May we have put together a norwegian tour for one of hollands finest artists, Anneke van Giersbergen. Come see her in either Trondheim, Oslo, Haugesund or as a special guest to Green Carnation in Kristiansand on the release party for their brand new album.

May 20 - Trondheim (Nidelven Scene)
May 21 - Oslo (Vaterland)
May 22 - Haugesund (Flytten)
May 23 - Kristiansand (Caledonien)


Kari Rueslåttens new single "Sørgekåpe" is out now, which is also the title of her coming album later this spring. 
The album is her first album all in norwegian language since her solo debut "Spindelsinn". The album will be released by her own label, Spindelsinn Recordings, where we assist in the production, promotion, distribution and also her booking.

View the video here:

Listen to the single here:

Pre-order the album / bundles at:


Hard working Antimatter returns with a very special 20th anniversary tour this year!
These shows are confirmed:

Mar 13 - Istanbul, TR (Dorock XL)
Apr 14 - London, UK (Black Heart)
Apr 15 - Dusseldorf, DE (Pitcher)
Apr 17 - Venlo, NL (Joriskeerk)
Apr 18 - Roselare, BE (DVG)
Apr 19 - Arnhem, NL (Luxor)
Apr 20 - Berlin, DE (Wild at Heart)
Apr 21 - Leipzig, DE (Geyserhaus)
Apr 22 - Hamburg, DE (Vogelnest)
Apr 24 - Esslingen, DE (Ad Astra)
Apr 25 - Morlenbach, DE (Live Hall)
Jun 20 - Midsummer Prog, NL
Aug 20 - Fekete Zaj Festival, HU
Sep 19 - Zoetermeer, NL (Boerderij)
Sep 27 - Tilburg, NL (013)
Oct 2-4 - Summers End Festival, UK


The last album "Ormer til Armer, Maane Til Hode" has been an enourmous success, a brand new vinyl version with lyrics and on transparent vinyl will be released the first week of march, ltd to 300 pcs!

CD re-issues of the 2nd and 3rd albums, "Besatt av Maane og Natt" and "Saa Raa og Kald" is out now!

Shows confirmed:
Jul 11-12   Imperium Festival, NO
Aug 19-22  Beyond the Gates Fest, NO
Aug 28-30  Hellbotn Festival, NO

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