The magnificent 6th chapter of Djevel is out, "Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode".
Check it out on all digital platforms or buy the physical versions directly from us on CD or vinyl (ps: white vinyl is sold out)

The band will continue to do some special shows through 2020, confirmed so far:
Jan 24, Oslo, Norway at Røverstaden (facebook-event:
Jul 11-13  Halden, Norway at the Imperium Festival (facebook-event:

PS: The band got a brand new website, 






2019 will see the end of the touring cycle for "Black Market Enlightenment". A new tour and some festivals will be done for the rest of the year, these are the current shows:
Aug 24 - Inowroclaw, Poland (Inorock Festival, w/Anathema, Crippled Black Phoenix etc)
Oct 19 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands (Into the Void Festival w/Alcest, Eyehategod, The Obsessed etc)
Oct 20 - Bucharest, Romania (Metal Gates Festival w/Dark Tranquillity, Taake, A Pale Horse Named Death etc)
Nov 15 - Wurzburg, Germany (Hammer of Doom Festival w/Uli Jon Roth etc)
Nov 18 - Dresden, Germany (Chemiefabrik)
Nov 19 - Hamburg, Germany (Die Hebebuhne)
Nov 20 - Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Doornrosje)
Nov 23 - Cognac, France (Twice Birthday Festival)
Nov 24 - Roeselare, Belgium (De Verlichte Geest)

The last album "Black Market Enlightenment" was released in November, being a widely acclaimed release by press and fans! 
Just released is also the limited edition CD/DVD "An Epitaph" featuring a special performance from 2016 with a string quartet.

For 2020, special plans are being made...





Kari Rueslåtten is currently in writing mode for a new release. More news to come soon :)





The band is currently working on new material, while some occasional shows will be done to easen the wait for a new album.




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